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Will (Abstract) of Peter BASHAW

Westmoreland County Virginia

My two sons Peter and Warner Bashaw all my lands & Plantation whereon I now live and the Mill that is thereunto annexed to be equally divided between them and if either of my two sons Peter and Warner should die before they come of age or before they sell of dispose of either of their parts of said lands and MIll before given and bequeath, my will is that my son James Bashaw shall have the decedents part of the aforesaid lands and Mill so given and bequeath. I give to Spence Bashaw one horse called Gray and my Saddell and bridle and one brindle cow and one gun. I give to my daughter Elizabeth Bashaw twenty pounds current money. I give and bequeath unto my wife Mary Bashaw and my five children, Peter, Warner, James and Mary and Sarah Bashaw all the rest of my estate both real and personal be it of what kind soever to be equally divided between them after my aforesaid legacies is paid and I do appoint my loving friends Henry Washington and William Roe to be my sole execurs.
Signed in the presence of us; James Hore, William Browne, James Thompson.
Signed & sealed; Peter Bashaw.

26 November 1745 This last Will and Testament of Peter Bashaw dec'd was presented into Court by Mary, his relict (who made oath thereto) and being proved by the oaths of the wittnesses thereto is admitted to record , and for that William Roe one of the Exors. in the said will appointed in Open Court refused to undertake the Burthen of the Exon. and also that Henry Washington the other Exor. to the said will appointed is dead. Upon the motion of the said Mary and giving William Weeks and William Edwards securities according to law Certification is granted herfor obtaining letters of admon. thereupon with the said will attached in due form. Teste; George Lee C.W.C.

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