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The Will of Mourning Lewis Adams

The Will of Mourning Lewis Adams

To all to whome these presents shall come, I Mourning Adams, send greeting. Know ye that the said Mourning Adams in pursuance)of the last will and testament of my well beloved husband, Robert Adams, deceased, as well as to requite the dutifull and tender of my sons Robert and James Adams likewise for diverse good cause and consideration ?? and in consideration of the sum of five shilling to me in hand paid by each of my said sons Robert and James (unintelligible) at and before the sealing and delivery hereof have given and granted and by these presents do give and grant my sons Robert Adams and James Adams to be the heirs forever all and singular my goods, chattles, and slaves, to witt: Toby, Benn, Moll, Sulky, Sarah, Betty, Charles, Brister and Edy with their future increase all the estate I hold in trust for my natural life and widowhood by the Last Will and Testament of my said deceased husband ? otherwise land possessed of.
To have and to hold land? and goods chattles and slaves with their increase unto my said sons Robert and James Adams and to their heirs. Ex administrator and assigns forever to be equally divided between them provided always and it is the intent and meaning of these presents that I the Said Mourning Adams shall be at the free liberty to occupy, possess, and enjoy all and sin- gular the slaves and other estate hereby given as of my own proper use and estate without the hindrance or interruption of my said sons Robert and James Adams or either of them for and during my natural life and provided likewise that my said sons Robert and James Adams their heirs to do after my decease pay or cause to be paid until each of my Daughters to Witt: Anne Sanders 40 shillings; Judith Clarke 40 shillings; Mary Moreman 20 pounds; Elizabeth Moreman 20 pounds; Aggey Fergerson 20 pounds; to the children of Susanah Graves 20 pounds to be equally divided. To Lucy Graves 20 pounds; Anna Douglas 40 shillings; Sally Harris 40 shillings which said ? is given in full of any demands that they or either of them might or could have against the estate in my possessions and I the said Mourning Adams all and singular the aforesaid negroes, goods, chattles, to the said Robert and James Adams, their Ex. administrators and against all and every person or persons whatsoever shall and will warrant and defend by these presents. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 4th day of July, anno domni MD CCLCV.
Witnesses: John Bell
William Carrell
Lewis his (X) mark Cradock
Charles his (X) mark Cox.

Signed by Mourning her (X) mark Adams.

Wife of Robert Adams

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