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Will of John TURNER

Northumberland Virginia

John Turner of St. Stephen Parish; Written 6 December 1741. Proved 12 April 1742.

Wife Febbie Turner-negro wench, Isabell during her natural life, and then to son John Turner.

Son John Turner-negro fellow, Jamie.

Son Henry Turner-tract of land called [IT:Opies Quarter:IT] which I bought from Rodham Kenner, being one hundred and twenty-four acres, to him and his fully begotten heirs, if none, to son George Turner and the lawfully begotten heirs of his body, if none, to son Edward Turner and his heirs, and negro lad Sam. Son Henry to have land and negro when he comes of age or marries.

Son George Turner-negro girl, Kate, to be delivered at age twenty-one or marriage.

Son Edward Turner-negro girl, Lucy, at age of twenty-one or marriage.

Daughter Elizabeth Hayden-negro boy, Adam, which her husband has in his possession in full of their part.

Daughter Bridget-negro boy, Peter, which she has in her possession, in full of her part.

Daughter Monica Turner-negro boy, Davie, when she comes of age or day of marriage.

Daughter Priscilla Turner-negro boy, Jacob, when she comes of age or day of marriage.

Daughter Ann Turner-negro boy, Will, when she comes of age or day of marriage.

Wife Febbie Turner and son John Turner, excecutors.

Witness: William Taite, James Lewis and Richard Hayden.

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