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Miss Mattie, an old fashioned lady,
Was planning a camping trip
But there was one thing she needed to know,
How far away was the toilet....when she had to go

She decided to write to the campground owner,
What words would she choose,
Toilet or bathroom commode seemed improper,
So, B.C.,... is what she would use

The much younger campground owner,could not figure out,
What this B.C. business, was all about,
There was only one reply...
The local Baptist Church near by

In about a week he sent this answer.....
Dear Madam, I regret to say,
The nearest B.C. to the camp,
Is nine miles away

It only seats a hundred,
And you may have to stand,
But there’s lots of entertainment,
Sometimes there is even a band

If you are in the habit of going regularly,
This does seem a long way,
But some people bring along their lunch,
And just spend the day

I don’t go often myself,
The last time was six years ago
There was a big attendance,
Even though the roads were covered in snow

Not to be able to go every week,
Pains me very much,
It surely is no lack of desire,
It’s just age, cold weather and such

While you are at our campground
When you are ready to go,
I’ll be glad to sit with you the first time,
We’re a very friendly community, you know.

Grace Lee Smith Green
copyright 1997

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Created: 08/01/1999